Our CDFI Status

Albina is one of approximately 96 commercial banks across the United States certified by the U.S. Department of the Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), and the only CDFI-certified commercial bank headquartered in Oregon.  As a CDFI, we have a primary mission of promoting community development and work in market niches that are often underserved by other financial institutions and to provide financial and educational services in our local community.  

Over the last 20 years, Albina has been awarded nearly $5.9 Million in funding from the CDFI Fund in recognition of the work we are doing to support community development in our local neighborhoods.  We continue that positive impact by leveraging these awards back into distressed communities in Portland. To learn more about CDFIs, visit www.cdfifund.gov/cdfi.  

Is It Possible To Be Proud Of A Bank?

We think so. Albina Community Bank creates hope and financial opportunity by building lasting banking relationships with those who care the most about our communities. It's our mission.  And part of that includes our support of community development by providing products and services and banking solutions that are directed towards improving the social or economic conditions of underserved peoples or residents of distressed communities.

At Albina, we know that your ordinary banking transactions can make an extraordinary difference in our local communities.  Please check out our Community Impact Scorecard to see the difference a banking relationship with a CDFI can make, and to see how your everyday transactions are helping us make an extraordinary difference in our local neighborhoods:

Link to Community Impact Scorecard




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