About Our Community Giving Program

Albina is committed to supporting organizations whose primary mission is to benefit low-and moderate-income people who live and work in the communities we serve.  In order to provide a meaningful community impact with our limited donation / sponsorship dollars, our Community Giving Program focuses primarily on those organizations and activities that deliver financial education programs and community development initiatives throughout our service area.

Financial Education

Albina Community Bank supports financial education programs for children, adults, businesses, and non-profit organizations.  Our goal is to help make sure everyone understands the basics of banking, credit, building small businesses and achieving home ownership.

Community Development

Our mission calls for economic development within the communities we serve.  Our Community Giving Program allows us the opportunity to assist a number of worthy organizations through support of community and cultural events that are of special importance to the underserved neighborhoods of the greater Portland area.   


We will consider providing support to applicants that are tax-exempt organizations located in the greater Portland metro area, including Vancouver, Washington.  Applicants generally must be designated as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and have been determined not to be a “private foundation” under Section 509(a) of the code.
Please note
  • Funding preference will be given to organizations who are customers of Albina Community Bank.
  • Customers who are currently receiving donations through Albina’s LOOP VISA TM Credit Card donation program are not eligible to receive Community Giving funding while they are enrolled in the program.  
  • Email is not secure, and your application form will be sent unencrypted.  Please do not include any sensitive information, such as your account number or Taxpayer Identification Number if you are sending the form via email.   

How to Apply

To apply for financial support, please complete and submit the Community Giving Application Form.

(Click here to download the form)

Submit the completed form by email or US Mail to:

Elise Petersen
Albina Community Bank
430 NW 10th Ave #101 Portland OR  97209   

We will notify you of our decision within one month of receipt of all necessary information.  Thank you. 

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