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Welcome to Albina Community Bank!
At Albina, what sets us apart from other banks is the simple fact that our customers are our community.  They are our friends, our neighbors, and most importantly, the key to our future together.  We are a truly local, truly full-service, and truly independent community bank with a specific mission to invest in the individuals, the businesses and the neighborhoods of Portland.  And we believe that a bank should be a partner that helps people grow their ideas right where it matters most.
Our Community Focus
As a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), we have a mission to increase economic opportunity and promote community development.  We put extraordinary effort into helping create and maintain local jobs, build and rebuild communities, and create a Portland that thrives for everyone. We believe in being a part of what makes Portland a great place to live.  We invite you to view our quarterly Community Impact Scorecard to see how we’re doing.
Lots of banks say they are committed to the community - but Albina actually does it.  Consistently.  This is our community, and we’re banking on it!
Community News
(Click here) to learn about local programs and events in May!

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